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5 Methods To Deter Moles And Keep Them Out Of Your Yard

Are you dealing with pesky moles wreaking havoc on your lawn and garden? Here are 5 strategies to oust them from your property.

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Moles might appear adorable, but they can rack up substantial expenses for your garden. These little critters construct intricate tunnel networks underground, swiftly harming plants, grass, and trees in your outdoor space.

If you suspect mole activity in your garden, identify their presence correctly.

Search for visible signs of damage they may have caused.

Typically, four key indicators suggest mole activity on your property:

  • Withered grass: Moles disrupt nearby grass root systems as they tunnel, resulting in dead patches.
  • Molehills: These mounds of dirt indicate tunnel entrances dug by moles.
  • Spaced-out mounds: Moles create entrance and exit mounds spaced about six feet apart.
  • Soil chunks: Clumps of soil near mounds clearly indicate mole activity.

Once you confirm mole presence, it’s time to consider removal methods.

Renowned TV gardener Toby Buckland recommends traditional mole traps, emphasizing daily checks as moles feed regularly. But what else can you try?

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Here are five humane methods recommended by Smith’s Pest Management:

1. Cut off their food supply

Moles mainly feast on grubs and insects. Removing these from your garden might prompt moles to relocate for food.

2. Employ a deterrent

Certain repellents, like castor oil, induce digestive discomfort in moles, making your lawn less inviting.

3. Utilize aromatic plants

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Moles dislike strong-smelling plants such as daffodils and marigolds. Planting these species along garden edges or in raised beds can deter them.

Alternatively, ready-made mole barriers are available at garden stores.

4. Construct a barrier

Dig a trench around your lawn and garden, approximately two feet deep and six inches wide. Fill it with rocks or line it with wire mesh to hinder mole access.

Although time-consuming, this method is effective for long-term mole control.

5. Make your garden hostile

Moles avoid disruptive environments, so creating an inhospitable setting can encourage them to leave.

Install a sonic spike from your local home and garden store. These spikes emit irritating sounds, prompting moles to seek refuge elsewhere.