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4 Jade Plant Tips I Regret Not Learning Sooner

Money might not come easily, but the jade plant symbolizes growth and renewal, believed to activate financial energies and bring prosperity, good fortune, and friendship to homes or businesses. It’s a thoughtful housewarming gift.

Officially named Crassula Ovata, the jade plant, when given proper attention, thrives into a beautiful plant, if grown correctly with a focus on specific succulent care.

What Exactly is a Jade Plant?

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Succulents are plants with thick, fleshy leaves or stems that store water, allowing them to survive harsh conditions, partly due to their tough skin that reduces water loss through evaporation.

Because of their resilience, jade plants need minimal succulent care, making them easy to grow. However, not all succulent plants are jade plants.

Should I Repot My Jade Plant?

Let’s start by discussing how to pot a jade plant.

Select an appropriate pot. Jade plants often grow top-heavy and can topple over due to their woody stems and plump leaves.

For optimal growth, choose a sturdy, wide pot with depth and a stable base to support the weight of the plant. Ceramic pots with excellent drainage are recommended to prevent soil and root saturation. The pot’s size should be slightly larger than the plant’s diameter.

Choose the right soil. Good drainage is crucial for a jade plant’s success. A freely draining medium like succulent cactus mix provides ideal growing conditions.

For jade plants, our Jade Plant Imperial Potting Mix ensures proper drainage and prevents excess moisture accumulation. High-quality, pest-free soil promotes healthy growth, making it ideal for your jade garden.

This article offers helpful tips for growing thriving jade plants, helping even novice gardeners master succulent care for beautiful plants.

Understanding the best gardening products for succulent care, from effective fertilizers and food to ceramic pots and accessories, is essential for jade plant success.

4 Jade Plant Growth Tips

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1. Water appropriately

Adequate drainage and the right potting soil are essential for a healthy jade plant. Succulent roots are shallow, so overwatering can lead to leaf drop or root rot.

Using a watering can, water your jade plant sparingly to avoid overwatering. A brightly colored watering can adds a touch of summer all year round.

2. Propagate easily

Jade plants propagate easily, producing new plants effortlessly. Use a jade plant starter kit containing succulent mix, pots, and fertilizer for successful propagation.

3. Provide proper lighting

Jade plants thrive in sunlight, needing at least four hours of direct exposure daily, though some varieties tolerate less light.

If natural light is insufficient, artificial lighting, like grow lights, can supplement sunlight to ensure proper succulent care.

4. Fertilize regularly

Jade plants benefit from monthly feeding, particularly in spring and summer. Use a gentle, succulent-specific fertilizer for optimal growth.